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It’s worth mentioning that it’s a bit different photographing a news crew.  These guys live in front of a camera at KOLO and talk about fun.  We shared stories and laughed most of the day!  Thanks guys …


Professional Portraits


Advanced Dentistry by Design asked us to create a business portrait of their entire staff. Each individual was photographed in our studio separately which allowed for the most appropriate placement of each person as though they were standing on posing blocks, when in fact they were all standing in the exact same spot.  They were positioned when editing in postproduction, which also solves the problem of heights.  The key to this type of photography is consistency with lighting, camera settings, and camera position and of course a pre session consultation to discuss clothing etc.  When you step back after completing the final stages of a project like this, you have to pat yourself on the back and say, “I think we know what we’re doing.”  It’s certainly not a one-man show.  We have a very talented staff all working together with the same goal.  Create the very best photograph possible.  The rewards are many.  Nice job everyone!

The Clark Family

ImageWe’ve been photographing Paul and Rebecca’s family for two decades.  As their family grows, so does our tool chest.  Photographing youngsters individually when their happiest and placing them into a large group digitally is the only way to go. This image was printed on canvas and framed in our frame shop.  Truly a family heirloom!     

Granite Construction


CEO Jim Roberts

In late March we photographed 200 managers and executives for Granite Construction including award presentations for their entire corporation.  I knew Granite Construction was large but they’re spread from Alaska to New York plus Guam.   Great People and we had a blast!

The Damonte Family!


We photographed Grandpa Damonte, his sons, and their families on his ranch a few months back.  I got a kick out of their son (about 8 years old) as he pulled up on a quad-runner.  He had his cowboy hat and boots on as I surveyed his set-up.  A rifle scabbard was attached to the quad and I asked, “What caliber we shooting?”  He paused and replied, “BB” Ya probably had to be there but it was as serious as if he had been hunting Lyons and one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard.  A Great Family!

We’re in love…


Martha’s gone Cookoo Crazy in love with our first grandchild!  On April 7th our daughter Caroline and her husband Nate gave birth to Kaleb Spicer, an 8lb 7oz baby boy and he is truly “a bundle of joy!”

This was a moving session not only because of my grandson but also the service Nate continues to give  our country.  Thank you Nate in more ways then you will ever know.

More good news, were excited and looking forward to Nick’s upcoming wedding in late September, “About time Nick!” and Taylor graduates in May with her degree in Graphic Arts and also is getting married early this summer.