Cabo Billfish 2012

Ok, “What’s with the fish?”  Since our first visit to Cabo in 1996, it’s become one of our favorite annual pit-sops to “RECHARGE OUR BATTERIES.”  As most of you know, our family likes to fish!  Here’s a pic of Nick and I with his first Marlin (about 140#).  Did Nick have fun?  Well, I asked him how his arms felt while we laid side by side at the “Beauty School” with towels over our head.  What’s the beauty school, you ask?  It’s one of the many secrets we’ve learned from our Canadian friends (Snowbirds).  The Beauty School teaches message therapy and turns “soon to graduate students” loose on tourists like us and it’s not bad.  Actually it’s pretty darn good after a day of “Zip Lining” across the canyon, ATVing or riding Camels all day in desert attire.  Most folks say, “man, is it safe down there?  Well, there are stories like most third world countries.  Ya just gotta be smart!  The Baja is considered the last Jewel of Mexico.  As far as we’re concerned, it still is!


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