Maryanne’s Birthday Gift

All Maryanne wanted for her birthday was a “Portrait” of her whole family.  The question was, “There’s so many of us!”  (26 to be exact) and how will we get the whole clan together?  The answer, “we wouldn’t!”  We’re going to photograph each  group separately on a date that‘s convenient for each family group.  And, that ‘s exactly what we did!

First things first!  So, we had a design consultation to set a plan in place.   Our hopes were to have all six groups photographed within a five week period.  We also scheduled time for sub-groups so each family could do creative individual family groupings and kids alone.

Five weeks later we pushed the shutter for the last time.  This meant we could remove all the carefully measured tape marks on the floor, light settings pinned with post-em stickers on the ceiling, camera info and prime lens settings inscribed on the wall.  It worked because it was carefully planned and all six sessions went perfectly.

Before the project had begun, we measured a specific wall above a vintage piano in Maryanne’s house where one of our previous portraits was hanging.   Maryanne had decided on a 20”x70” Custom Metal Portrait which would also be framed and assembled in our custom frame shop.  

When the portrait was complete we delivered and hung it in Maryanne’s home.  We stepped back as Maryanne walked into the room.  Nothing had to be said.  It was Perfect!  We all hugged each other.

We’ve photographed Bill and Maryanne’s family for seventeen plus years as children, high school seniors and weddings.  Capturing all three generations was the pinnacle for Bill and Maryanne, and for us as well.  Happy Birthday Maryanne!


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